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Vastu for Home Design by Acharya Samir Karve

Balancing Energy Flows

It is believed that your mind is a child of the space where you dwell in. (भावना भवन की पुत्री है ). Therefore, every object, every activity, and every utility has an impact on your mind and, in turn, on your brain and body. Having a space supportive of your needs and your Prakriti can do miracles in your life. Vastu Shastr has been a tried and tested science for years, and many people have used it as a ‘Tool for Optimisation’ of your actions and desire fulfillment.

Using Vastu for Optimal Home Design

Vastu Shastra, also known as Vastu Vidya, is an ancient Indian science that considers design, layout, and spatial geometry principles. In recent times, Vastu Shastra has gained tremendous popularity in modern home design. By creating a balanced energy flow through proper spatial planning, Vastu for home design can significantly impact the residents’ well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore the key points to consider while designing your home as per the Vastu Guide.

Designing the Living Room

When designing the living room, the most important aspect is balancing the positive and negative energies. We all know that the living room acts as the central hub for various situations, affecting the entire home’s energy flow. It is essential to maintain elementary balance in the room while arranging furniture, positioning a seating set, or placing other decor items. A Vastu Consultant can help you identify ideal placements for various furniture and decor elements to foster an optimal energy flow in your living room.

Designing the Bedroom

The bedroom is another crucial space to consider while designing as per Vastu principles. A bedroom is a place where you rest. Resting is also essential for a healthy body. The best Vastu-corrected location for the bedroom is as per the alignment of your Prakruti and the direction. A combination of natural and artificial lighting for lighting and the elemental colour shades will be very helpful. A Vastu Consultant will suggest painting the bedroom in the required shades, which will enhance the warmth and relaxation that you need.

Designing the Kitchen

Apparently, it is always said that the kitchen has to be in the SE Corner (the Zone of Money) of your house. But considering the current building orientations, it is very difficult to have one such. Nowadays, the kitchen is anywhere, in any direction. And an experienced Vastu Consultant can tell you how to balance the negativity created due to the wrong placement of the kitchen. A proper balancing treatment removes all harmful and illicit effects that can be created out of an imbalance caused by kitchen.

Designing the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where we rejuvenate after a shower. Ideally, the bathroom should be on the eastern side. Nowadays, we are used to having a combined toilet and bathroom. The toilets are MAJOR Energy Suckers, and if placed in any positive directions, they affect the residents badly. It’s best to have the toilet seat in the ESE, SSW and WNW zones. There is a strict NO for a toilet in the NNE, NE direction, as the toilets here can be fatal. Toilets in other directions aren’t life-threatening and can be balanced with some Techniques. According to Acharya Samir Karve, a renowned Vastu Consultant in Thane, if the toilets are properly managed, it will ensure the establishment of energies in any home.


Generally, an entrance is an opening in our Built-up Space that connects us to the outer world. As per Vastu Shastra, 32 types of entrances in a space are based on the direction and its angular orientation. Of these, 10 entrances are said to be the best, and the remaining 22 are not that fruitful. It is a myth that south-facing doors are ominous. However, it has been tested and recorded that 3 types of entrances that face south are the best and one of a kind.  According to Acharya Samir Karve , a renowned Vastu Consultant in Thane, an entrance contributes to nearly 30% of the total energy flow in your premises and, if placed properly, can bring a lot of favor for you in any form.

A balanced energy flow can significantly impact the residents’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By aligning your home design with Vastu principles, you can create a harmonious living space for yourself and your loved ones.

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