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About Samir Karve

An Engineer by Profession, A Vocalist (Music), A Temple Trustee, and A well-known name in the Construction and Allied Industry, has been associated with the Construction Industry for the Construction of Industries and Commercial Spaces for the Last 25+ Years. He has been providing his Services to many Major Industrial Giants and Government Organisations and has been Actively Associated with Construction And Allied Industries and has many Projects in his name.

He has been doing Commercial and Residential Interiors as well. Clients always used to ask him about vastu. initially, he was very skeptical about Vastu-Shastra, the way it was being practised by many experts then. Somewhere in the process, he came to know about Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, Founder of Mahavastu, whose teachings reinstated his faith in the Eternal Science of Vastu-shastra. He further got associated with Mahavastu and with the Blessings of Guru, Vastushastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, he was Felicitated as a Mahavastu Acharya and is currently a Mahavastu Mentor for West and South India.


He is a Firm Believer of Karma Theory and a Follower of the teachings of Lord Krishna. Today, Samir Karve a Vastu Consultant, with his Expertise and the Support of a Dedicated Learned team of Acharyas and Professionals, is Successfully Advising People from all Parts of World for the Remedial Solutions on their Problems. He deals with all trades as per the requirements and needs.
He has Trained and Mentored 400+ Students for Mahavastu and Astrology as well. He is a Guide to many of them and has helped many select the Right Path for their Karma and Occupation. He has provided Effective and Easy Solutions to 1000+ Seekers for Mahavastu and Astrology Advise through Paid and Yogdaan Channels.
He is Associated with Highly Energetic, Motivated and Intuitive teammates who work with him shoulder to shoulder for providing Resolves to the Problem/s being faced by the Client and Reinstate them on their Righteous Path towards Growth, blissfullness.