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Services we Offer


We generally like and purchase a property with some basic intents and thoughts of Growth and Prosperity. But many times, we do not understand why things went wrong since we Shifted to the new Premises.

Vastu Advice and Solution

Vastu, as the name says is a Space where we dwell in. Any Space covered on the Top is governed by 5 Elements scattered all around the Premises inside the walls in different directions. The Elements and Fixed and so are their Attributes.

Astro Solutions and Chart Analysis

Astrology is a Branch of Science which deals in the Astronomical Patterns and their Effect on Humans. Our Ancestors have been compiling data for years along finding synonymity with person, place and space.


The day you are born, you are gifted with some specific characteristics connected with the Day, Date. It is the day when Cosmic Rays come to you, and you are surrounded by the Cosmo Magnetic field of energy which plays a major role in your life keeping you Energised, Focused, and Stable.

Layout Planning and Designing

We design spaces as per your requirements, may it be Residential, Commercial, Industrial Spaces to impart Harmony, Prosperity, Growth and Wisdom with ancient and modern techniques and Energize the spaces to suit your needs and requirements. 


We construct long lasting and rigid buildings and structures as per your needs with our expertise and experience in all kind of varied sectors starting from Residential to Industrial premises. Our experienced team of Architects and Structural Engineers prepare the Design as per the ..